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  • Can I Get an STI from Oral Sex?

    There is a common misconception that oral sex is always the safer alternative to intercourse. However, there are over 30 different STIs that can transmit through oral sex, and given that 84% of adults ages 18-44 practice oral sex at least once per year, the chances that STIs spread orally are very high.

  • STI Symptoms: What Are They And When Will They Appear?

    Discussing STIs with your friends can be awkward. Even more uncomfortable is the thought of having to tell your recent sexual partner(s) that they might develop a burning sensation in the not-too-distant future, and that they should go get checked. But why does it have to be so embarrassing?
  • The Most Common STI Symptom? No Symptom at All.

    From burning sensations when you urinate, to blisters and sores around the genitals, most STIs can be painful. However, left untreated, symptomless STIs can cause even more pain and complications in the long run.
  • Three Inspirational Public Figures Living with STIs

    The thought of living with an STI can be rather daunting, But, as you’ll see from the stories of these three luminaries, it doesn't have to mean a life of anguish, misery, and embarrassment that some might have you believe.
  • HIV: Why it's No Longer a Sin

    It's A Sin blends unforgettable characters and authentic 1980s nostalgia with a remarkable tenderness and a certain brutality we scarcely see on screen: thought-provoking, compelling, and lingers in your mind a long time after the final episode has finished.
  • Do STI's Affect Fertility?

    Since we spend much of our sexually active years avoiding pregnancy, it might not have registered, to the same extent, that STIs can, in fact, lead to infertility.
  • A Beginner's Guide to At-Home STI Test Kits

    If you’re new to Yoxly or new to STI testing in general, fear not! Taking your own samples is not as intimidating as it sounds, and can actually be a much more comfortable experience. Read on for some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind before taking your sample.
  • Having 'The Talk': Talking to your Partner about STIs

    Challenge yourself: try asking your current or next partner when they last got STI testing. No fancy manoeuvring or dancing around the subject. Just a simple, straightforward question. You just might be shocked at the ease of it.
  • Remembering Freddie Mercury

    Twenty-nine years ago, on 24 November, Freddie Mercury died of complications due to AIDS. He was just 45. Almost three decades later, as we continue to celebrate his musical and personal impact, we should also take pause to recollect the environment in which Mercury battled HIV.
  • World AIDS Day 2020

    This World AIDS Day there is the message of hope: we can end new cases of HIV in England by 2030. It is also a message of vigilance, but let's not forget the hope. And in this year, we could all use a little hope.
  • STI's: Four Startling Facts

    Are STIs glamorous? Not in the slightest. Are they fun? Not particularly. Are they fashionable? Definitely not. This doesn't mean that they can’t be interesting, however.
  • HPV: The Case for Gender- and Sexuality-Neutral STI Coverage

    The bottom line? Sexually transmitted infections don’t distinguish between sexes or sexualities; so neither should sexual health care.