Head of Technology

Yoxly's Mission

Yoxly ( is on a mission to revolutionise and destigmatise sexual health by supporting education, improving access to services, and promoting equality through an integrated ecosystem that empowers individuals to live healthily and happily.

Yoxly's Vision

Yoxly is sparking an international movement to normalize and simplify sexual health. We believe in supporting education, promoting equality, and taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach. To that end, we’re building an ecosystem to provide a range of remote sexual health services (with plug-and-play potential), designed to give users a personalized experience with more convenience, privacy, accessibility, and control. We’re curating an inclusive community of individuals, whilst partnering with other organizations and advocacy groups focused on promoting sexual health.

We’ve recently closed our pre-seed funding round with one of the most reputable early-stage VC investors in Europe, so are well-supported and primed to expand and grow.


Role Overview

Yoxly is a D2C medtech e-commerce startup looking for a hands-on senior developer with full stack experience to serve as Head of Technology in its expanding team. The candidate must be able to develop, assist and/or enlist a team of developers to build a responsive website, mobile app, and secure cloud-based data platforms, possibly arranged within a microservices architecture. As such, the candidate must be fluent in backend and frontend coding languages and development frameworks. All work should be ISO 27001 compliant (certified preferred).

The candidate will work closely with co-founders to align priorities and set goals.

Relevant Skill Sets / Experience

The back-end cloud infrastructure and databases will be built from scratch, and we are looking to engage with and rely upon the expertise of the candidate to determine the best architecture and technical direction. The ideal candidate will bring a breadth of different experiences. Skills necessary for the position will include, but are not limited to:

  • React / Vue / Angular (or similar) and JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Python, PHP, Ruby, or other scripting languages
  • SQL databases
  • AWS and/or Google Cloud Platform
  • Shopify ecommerce platform (including the Liquid templating language)
  • API design and development

Note: not everyone is a jack of all trades, so even if you don’t fulfil every single competency requirement, you should still consider applying! Belief in our vision, enthusiasm, creativity, and a willingness to learn in the role are prized—and more important—at Yoxly.

The ideal candidate will...

  • Have experience with microservice environments and the flexibility and agility they afford
  • Adopt, implement, and maintain best practice and coding standards
  • Adopt and implement changing technologies and practices in collaboration with other teams
  • Have experience in SOC2 / HIPAA compliance/certification, and knowledge of implementing high security data solutions and an understanding of different approaches to data isolation (i.e. health and medical records)
  • Have a knack for UI/UX (preferred but not essential)
  • Be familiar with applying and adjusting agile frameworks to our product development

Initial Responsibilities

While the initial responsibilities of this position involve designing and building a secure back-end which compliments and supports the existing Shopify front-end, the vision of Yoxly extends far beyond an ecommerce platform. The new back-end architecture must be able to scale and adapt to support future expansions such as:

  • Third party integrations
  • Mobile applications
  • Public facing APIs
  • Telehealth opportunities
  • Online pharmacy

The responsibilities listed below, then, are demonstrative just of the initial goal of a secure back-end to integrate with the current ecommerce front-end; however, the overall vision and scope of Yoxly as a consumer-centric brand and sexual health hub extends far beyond that, and as such the position affords a great degree of ingenuity and leadership as we tackle complex problems.

  • Develop and maintain a cloud infrastructure and database systems to:
    • Integrate with Shopify front-end
    • Store sensitive customer health records
    • Develop customer and admin portals
    • View and manage data and records
    • Interface and communicate with lab's tech stacks
    • Manage existing tech infrastructure and Python code database
    • Manage tech aspects of orders, results, and associated databases
    • Liaise with laboratory with respect to tech queries
    • Ensure compliance with data security standards

    Additional Attributes

    • Believe in the company’s mission and vision as a movement for social impact and change
    • Passion for best-in-class solutions and innovations
    • Strong problem-solving skills
    • Bring enthusiasm, ingenuity, and efficacy to their work
    • Set realistic targets and meet project deadlines/deliverables
    • Manage a tech development team (likely remote)
    • Liaise with members of the medical, media, marketing, and product teams to meet targets
    • Communicate comfortably in English
    • Available to attend work-related calls during UK hours

    Job Type

    This is a full-time, permanent position which is available immediately. Though work can be done remotely, a location commiserate with UK working hours is preferred.


    We're currently offering compensation in the form of stock options (reflective of the Head of Technology role) and a starting salary. The salary is negotiable as the time commitment and workload increases.

    Team Ethos

    We’re a diverse group of individuals, passionate about solving the sexual health crisis and changing societal norms. We strive to improve people’s lives by promoting health and preventing disease by taking a proactive—rather than reactive—approach. We’re co-founders, neighbours, and friends, with the right combination of complementary skill sets to execute our vision.

    Current Team Includes

    Dr Danae Maragouthakis, CEO

    Danae is an A&E doctor with a background in Public Health, and member of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH). She has worked in healthcare for 18 years, across four continents, and has previously co-founded another med-tech venture. Very much a “people person,” Danae loves collaborating with driven and diverse individuals to innovate new and/or better solutions which improve lives. At Yoxly, she is responsible for medical, partnerships, and fundraising.

    Dr Judson Alphin, COO

    Judson is a military historian and entrepreneur, with operational and marketing experience. For the past decade years he’s administered academics at an international study abroad company whist helping to brand, operate, and build hospitality venues in Oxford. Judson also previously co-founded a digital marketing/media venture which helps small and mid-sized businesses strut their stuff. Judson likes words, aesthetics, communication and is a stickler for details. At Yoxly, he is responsible for operations, branding, media, and marketing.

    Ben Legg, Advisor

    CEO and Founder, The Portfolio Collective; CEO and Founder, Digital People International; Former COO, Google Europe; CEO, Digital People International

    Ben Rhodes, Advisor

    Brand Director, Phoenix Group; Visual Identity Director, GSK; Group Marketing Director, Royal Mail; Vice President, Head of Brand Marketing & Sponsorship; Mastercard


    If interested, please email Danae Maragouthakis: