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Coming up with new and exciting Christmas presents for your partner isn’t always easy. You may have already gotten them every book or game they like, showered them with all the toiletries they will ever need in their life and maybe even surprised them with the odd TV or phone. But after a while, you start running out of ideas. Before you start panicking about this year's presents, check out these 8 sexy gift ideas for yourself and your partner to spice things up over the holiday period. 

1. The Tub Kit Gift Set

The Tub Kit Gift Set by Unfabled

Take a relaxing and sensual bath alone or with your partner with Unfabled’s Tub Kit including nourishing mineral bath salts and a hydrating coconut milk bath, made from hand-harvested blends that infuse the water with nourishing vitamins and minerals. This duo will hydrate and exfoliate your skin and leave you feeling relaxed and radiant. 

2. I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW Dame Arc And Fin Gift Set

Dame Arc and Fin Gift Set by ILOH

ILOH’s I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW gift set can be enjoyed alone or with your partner. This set includes a Fin finger vibrator, which slides smoothly between your fingers to become an extension of your hand, giving you seamless vibration, and an Arc G spot vibrator, which is perfect for exploring all kinds of sensations. Combine the two and you’re in for an unforgettable night.

3. Sex Chocolate Truffles With Shatavari - Pack of 7

Sex Chocolate Truffles with Shatavari by Unfabled

Does your partner love chocolate? Does your partner love sex? Why not combine the two with Unfabled’s Sex Chocolate Truffles, laced with organic Shatavari, to support libido, energy and stress relief. These Sex Chocolate Truffles are 100% vegan, 100% organic and 100% fun!

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4. DATE WITH THE NIGHT - Crave Vibrating Necklace & HANX Condom Gift Set

Crave Vibrating Necklace & HANX Condom Gift Set by ILOH

Gift your partner an unforgettable date night with ILOH’s DATE THE NIGHT gift set. This set includes a Vesper Vibrator Necklace, which is designed to be worn anytime and anywhere, giving you a totally unique sensation, as well as vegan condoms, helping you to stay safe while enjoying new adventures with your partner.

5. Variety Condom Bundle (50 Pack)

Variety Condom Bundle by Pasante

In need of some ideas to fill up your partner's stocking? Why not add Pasante’s Variety Condom Bundle with 10 different types of condoms to mix things up in the bedroom? This is the best way to try out multiple condom types and choose your favourites. 

6. Naughty Or Nice Gift Hamper

Naughty Or Nice Gift Hamper by Unfabled

This Naughty or Nice Gift Hamper by Unfabled is the perfect invitation to spice things up in the bedroom. This set includes luxury Sex Chocolate Truffles infused with libido-boosting Shatavari, a bottle of premium CBD lube and an indulgent massage candle in a scent of your choice.

7. Latest Flame Massage Candle

Latest Flame Massage Candle

Is your partner always asking for a massage? Make their wildest massage dreams come true with ILOH’s Latest Flame Massage Candle, formulated with a soy wax base, nourishing cold-pressed coconut and soothing almond oils. This vegan massage candle is scented with organic cacao butter, tonka bean and sandalwood and will take your sexual wellness experience to the next level.

8. At-Home STI Test Kit

At-home STI Test Kit by Yoxly

This might feel a little unconventional, but the best gift you can give your partner this holiday season is peace of mind when it comes to sexual health. Choose one of Yoxly’s easy and convenient at-home STI test kits and show your partner that you care about their safety.


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