Privacy Policy

We are Yoxly Limited, a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 12416774, and our registered office is at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU.

If you would like to contact us with a question about how we use your data, the quickest way to do this is by contacting us by email at


  1. When you create an account with us. When you create an account with us, we collect your name, telephone number, email address, date of birth, sex, postal address and billing address. We collect these details because we need them to set up your account and provide the services you have signed up to receive from us, and to ensure you receive testing guidance that is appropriate for your age and sex. Our lawful basis to handle your data is because it’s necessary for the contract between us.
  2. When you purchase a test kit from us. When you purchase a test from us, we will send your order to our third-party accredited laboratory, Acculabs Diagnostics UK Ltd (the “Laboratory”), for processing. The Laboratory needs to collect your sample in order to provide the testing services to you. We’ll let you know the test results via the methods identified on our website. The lawful basis we rely on to process any special category data about you is that our processing is in the public interest.
  3. When you contact us. When you contact us, we will usually collect your name and contact details, because it’s in our legitimate interest to make sure we can properly respond to your query. If you have questions about our tests, your test results, or other medical guidance, we may collect other pertinent information from you. This is also in our legitimate interest to make sure we can properly respond to your query. Your information will always be securely stored.
  4. We may also collect sensitive personal information including your sexual orientation and medical history (inc. allergies & smoking status) this is under our legitimate interest (and public interest) to ensure we provide you with the test kit and guidance that is right for you and to provide you with appropriate health care and management.
  5. When you receive our news updates. We will handle your personal information, (usually your name and email address) us to provide you with our news updates in line with any preferences you have told us about.
  6. When we send you our news updates, we only do this when you have opted in and we rely on your consent to contact you. You can unsubscribe from our updates at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails, or by emailing
  7. Technical information when you use our website. When you consent, we collect information about how you use our website. We use this information to improve our website and to better understand how people use it. More detail on the information we collect and how we do this is set out in our cookie policy.


  1. We will share the following information with the Laboratory for testing purposes: the type of test ordered, name, date of birth, sex, postal address and unique identifier number(s) for our reference purposes. The Laboratory is signed up to data protection contracts with us which require them to keep your data secure.
  2. If you test positive for certain conditions and/or diseases that are considered particularly high risk to public health in the UK, either we or the Laboratory may be required by law to report this to public health agencies. If you would like more detail on which diseases/conditions trigger our reporting obligations please contact us at We will only share your identifiable test data related to your sample with you and not anyone else, unless stated otherwise in this policy.
  3. If you allow us to when you signed up, we carefully anonymise sample data and test results, and use this anonymised data for scientific research, working out population health trends and to improve our service. If you would like us to stop using your identifiable sample for research at any time, please contact us. The quickest way to do this is by email to
  4. We may use other companies to help us with testing, delivery and payment services. Each of our subcontractors has signed up to data protection contracts with us, where they can only use the data they have access to in line with our instructions. To keep this notice as short as possible, we haven’t listed all of these companies here. But if you would like more detail, please contact us at


We store your data on our systems in the United Kingdom, and the Laboratory is based in the United Kingdom.

Whenever we transfer your personal information outside of the UK and the EU, we ensure it receives any additional protection required by law. To keep this privacy policy as short and easy to understand as possible, we haven’t set out the specific circumstances when each of these protection measures are used. You can contact us at for more details on this.


We regularly review the data we hold and will only retain your personal information for as long as we need it. Please keep in mind that in some cases we are required to keep parts of your personal information for long periods of time to comply with our legal, accounting or regulatory requirements.

In some circumstances we may carefully anonymise your personal data so that it can no longer be associated with you, and we may use this anonymised information indefinitely without notifying you. We use this anonymised information to analyse our programmes and support other similar programmes around the world.


You have various other rights under applicable data protection laws, including the right to:

  • access your personal data (also known as a “subject access request”);
  • correct incomplete or inaccurate data we hold about you;
  • ask us to erase the personal data we hold about you;
  • ask us to restrict our handling of your personal data;
  • ask us to transfer your personal data to a third party;
  • object to how we are using your personal data; and
  • withdraw your consent to us handling your personal data.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with us or the Information Commissioner's Office, the supervisory authority for data protection issues in England and Wales. If you are based outside of England and Wales, you can find your relevant supervisory authority here.

Please keep in mind that privacy law is complicated, and these rights will not always be available to you all of the time.


We’ve worked hard to create a notice that’s easy to read and clear. But if you feel that we have overlooked an important perspective or used language which you think we could improve, please let us know by email at Your feedback and suggestions on this notice are always welcome.

This privacy policy was last updated on 1 September 2020.