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Do you need to be worried? Here’s what you need to know and what you can do about it.

So, you’re freaking out a little bit. 

Ok, you’ve had vaginal discharge before. But this? This is new. And it’s kind of…green?! Is that normal? I’ll just Google it…

Ok, it’s fine...I think? The internet is confusing.

Yes, vaginal discharge can be normal. But is itching normal? What if it’s yellow? Ok, let us break it down for you.

When you need to take it seriously...

Changes to your normal vaginal discharge could mean a variety of things, including a sexually transmitted infection (STI). According to the NHS:

  • Yellow or green: this suggests an STI, likely gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. If you also have pelvic pain and/or some unusual vaginal bleeding, this could also indicate chlamydia. Help yourself and get tested. At home STI testing can make your life much easier, and Yoxly’s Standard STI Kit covers you for all of these!

  • White and lumpy (kind of like cottage cheese): this is usually a thrush (i.e. yeast infection), and can be easily treated. Your nearest pharmacy will have plenty of over the counter options to help alleviate the symptoms (often itchiness and soreness).

  • Grey watery (and smells like fish): likely means bacterial vaginosis. We know, the name is not cute, but this isn’t an STI! It’s an imbalance in the natural vaginal bacteria, and it’s incredibly common. You can get treatment for bacterial vaginosis from your doctor or your local pharmacy.

Why meeeeeeee?

Changes to your vaginal discharge can be suggestive of an STI…and STIs are spread through unprotected sex. Maybe it was that mind-blowing night you spent with that guy you hooked up with from that new dating app? However it happened, this is a judgement free zone. There is no shame in your game. But now that you know what changes to your vaginal discharge could mean, what’s your next move? The answer? Get an STI test. As soon as possible--as in, now. Phone a GUM clinic, arrange to speak with your GP, or order an online test kit through Yoxly.

Get tested, girl!

Living that #selfcare life is more than bath bombs and sheet masks. We need to prioritise our health – not ignore it! And because many STIs often show no symptoms, regular STI testing is an essential. Plus, you don’t want to be secretly stressing about it. That’s why getting a Yoxly at-home STI test kit delivered to your door (just like your outfit from ASOS) is just way easier.


Lowri Davies is a Belgian living in London, working in public health research. She has a Masters in sexual and reproductive healthcare research and volunteers as the UK Country Coordinator for the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning.

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