STI screening for fertility & IVF clinics

We offer your patients comprehensive at-home STI screening services which meet all regulatory requirements

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Easy & flexible STI screening solutions for fertility—at a fraction of the cost

We provide convenient at-home STI testing for those on their fertility or IVF journey.

Custom screening solutions built for you and your patients

Comprehensive STI testing services offering a variety of test packages, faster implementation, and better user experiences.

Sample Collection Kits

We supply market-leading sample collection kits with components to match your brand.

Lab Testing

We’ve partnered with a network of accredited labs to provide extensive, gold-standard test options.

Logistics & Fulfilment

We distribute test kits to and your users’ homes quickly and at scale.

Digital Results Portal

Our digital interface ensures a seamless patient experience along their entire home diagnostic journey.

Verified Laboratory Reports

We provide your patients with UKAS accredited laboratory reports for use by your clinicians.

Launch your complete STI diagnostic service

Whether it's elevating your existing services or exploring alternative, highly reliable, cost-effective sexual wellness solutions, Yoxly can help.


Explore our partnership models for organisations of all sizes


Discover Yoxly's data management and reporting systems


Finalise supply arrangements and SLA documentation


Onboarding and programme set up in a matter of weeks


Provide access to Yoxly's best-in-class diagnostics services

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Pioneering sexual health screening

Community of 1+ million

We have a vibrant and engaged social community who trust Yoxly for verified sexual health and wellness guidance

Cutting-edge technology

Our reliable services are built upon state-of-the-art tech to ensure the highest standards whilst optimising privacy and confidentiality, to meet all medico-legal and GDPR requirements.

Seamless end-to-end supply solutions

Our holistic fulfilment approach encompasses every stage: ordering, fulfilment, laboratory processing and results provision.

Accredited labratories

We only partner with labs fully accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and UKAS ISO 15189, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Automated touchpoints

We understand the anxiety that accompanies sexual health testing, so we provide regular automatic touchpoints to reassure your patients every step of the way.

Comprehensive reporting & data access

Our proprietary technology enables customised reporting to keep your organisation informed with respect to demographics, trends, and potential inefficiencies (or areas to optimise).

Tailored pricing & purchasing options

We offer competitive and adaptive pricing, shipping, and supply models to align with you and your customers’ needs.

Community of 1 million

We boast a vibrant and engage social community who follow Yoxly for trusted sexual health and wellness guidance

Community of 1 million

We boast a vibrant and engage social community who follow Yoxly for trusted sexual health and wellness guidance

Transforming home STI testing

Yoxly is at the forefront of a movement to improve global accessibility to stigma-free sexual self-care services, including at-home testing

Universal access to at-home STI testing for any organisation

With online, in-store, in-clinic and at-home solutions, we can help you deliver best-in-class diagnostic services.

Private sector

Public sector

Affiliate partnerships


IVF & fertility clinics

Employee benefits & PMI providers

Brand partnerships

Retail: online & physical stores

Third-party distribution partnerships

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Trusted partners

Join other fertility partners in delivering at-home screening solutions.

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Meet our founder

"Fertility is a journey. At Yoxly, we work to provide accuracy, support, and peace of mind every step of the way."

Dr Danae Maragouthakis MBBS, MPH

CEO, Yoxly

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